Colorado residents are serious about quality education, evidenced by highly respected public and private schools as well as internationally recognized institutions of higher education. Even in the public school system, choices and alternatives abound in charter schools and magnet schools that emphasize themes from the performing arts to Montessori or Waldorf philosophies. Research centers join a network of public universities, private institutes, independent colleges, and strategically located community college campuses to ensure opportunities close to home. The University of Colorado, Northern Colorado University, Colorado State University, University of Denver, Regis University, and the Colorado School of Mines are just a few of the major institutions that are located in the Front Range region.

Healthcare facilities are no less prolific or prestigious, encompassing teaching hospitals, research institutes, centers of excellence, region medical centers, and support services of every type. Progressive healthcare systems ensure well-managed hospitals that excel in innovation, with several medical centers and hospitals located throughout the community. The St. Anthony Hospital system is renowned for pioneering the nation’s first emergency air ambulance service, and the national Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine continues to break new ground in the research and treatment of asthma and tuberculosis. And with its close proximity to Denver, additional service are not far from home.

Serving residents and businesses alike, the region provides a comprehensive network of transportation facilities. Boulder has an extensive bus system operated by the Regional Transportation District. The HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH and STAMPEDE routes run throughout the city and connect to nearby communities on a frequent basis, with departures every ten minutes during peak hours, Monday-Friday. Regional routes, traveling between nearby cities such as Longmont, Golden and Denver as well as Denver International Airport are also available. There are over 100 scheduled buses that run between Boulder and Denver on weekdays.

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