From its rolling hills, sprawling horse farms, and verdant valleys to international corporations and Fortune 500 companies, Central New Jersey is a study in diversity. Here you will discover prospering farms, vineyards, winding rivers, the Watchung Mountains, beach communities, historic districts, industrial parks, and sophisticated suburbs. Convenient to the nation’s bustling employment centers of New York, Philadelphia, and Newark, this area attracts a significant percentage of commuters to friendly small towns and quiet neighborhoods.

As a result of the area’s rich historic roots and seaside summer resorts, tourism dollars have always contributed heavily to the strong and healthy regional economy. Working farms are scattered throughout Central New Jersey, with Hunterdon County taking the lead in agricultural production and sales. Lucrative charter boats and fishing enterprises still thrive in many of New Jersey’s picturesque coastal villages. The most significant role is played by the industrial and manufacturing sectors, enhanced by a location convenient to the nation’s premier markets and an unparalleled transportation network.

Strategically located, New Jersey lies with 250 miles of more than 60 million consumers who spend billions of dollars each year on goods and services. Well-planned state, county and interstate highways, bus and rail mass-transit, Conrail and Amtrak, trucking fleets, Newark International Airport, and Port Elizabeth provide the finest in ground, air and water transportation services to both residents and businesses.

The powerful intellectual and cultural presence of prestigious institutions of higher education like Princeton University and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, impacts the economy directly and indirectly. The brilliant minds that are attracted to these institutions make ideal candidates for employment in the area’s pharmaceutical, research, advanced communications, medical, and high-tech companies. In a word, New Jersey is the nation’s top producer of pharmaceutical discoveries and products, responsible for the manufacture of a full one-quarter of America’s research and healthcare products.

With its research prowess well established, Central New Jersey has always delivered the highest quality healthcare to its residents. State-of-the-art teaching hospitals abound, serving as regional resources for surrounding communities. Several of these institutions have not only solidified a reputation for excellence in the State of New Jersey, they have achieved national recognition for innovative programs and cutting-edge research. Healthcare institutions devote a significant percentage of their resources to developing community health education and wellness programs. The larger hospitals offer mental health clinics, addiction treatment services, rehabilitation programs and a host of other specialized therapies. From individual profes­sionals and neighborhood clinics to 500-bed regional acute-care hospitals, residents of Central New Jersey are guaranteed of the finest in screening, diagnostics and treatment.

Few things are as important as education when planning a move to a new area and selecting the right community to call home. Proud of its mark in the field of education, Central New Jersey provides superior educational facilities that offer a variety of quality learning opportunities in modern public and private school settings. Award-winning schools and programs bring together highly educated teachers and exceptionally competent administrators. Regional schools are known for state-of-the-art classroom technology, interactive student projects, active parent/teacher organizations, community involvement, and a curriculum that spells “excellence” in every category.

Accommodations for challenged or gifted students are unrivaled, creating an environment that maximizes human potential and enriches the learning experience. In addition to academics, New Jersey schools offer a wide spectrum of opportunities in dramatics, music, fine arts, and competitive sports programs. Vocational-technical programs and adult education are high on the priority list, providing ongoing opportunities for high school graduates to learn, grow, and develop new skills. Excellence in job training, continuing education opportunities and customized college/corporate educational programs is another widely acclaimed strength of this region. Vocational and technical schools, community colleges, excellent two-year colleges and four-year institutions can all be found just a few miles from home. In addition to having Princeton and Rutgers as neighboring universities, residents of Central New Jersey can look to a plethora of respected institutions of higher education within a 50-mile radius.

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