Voter registration in the State of Connecticut is permanent once completed. You need to re-register only if you change your name, address, or political party affiliation. You must complete registration 14 days before participating in a primary election and two days before a regular election. However, if you move to Connecticut after the deadline but before the election, this timeframe is abbreviated to just one day prior to the election. You may register as a member of a political party or register as “unaffiliated.”

In order to register, you must be at least 18 years of age on or before election day, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of the town in which you are voting for at least one day. Youthful registrants should bring a certified “raised seal” or legal copy of their birth certificate to prove that they are at least 18. Newcomers must demonstrate proof of residency, which can take the form of auto registration, driver license, or rent receipts.

Check with your local registrar of voters for specific guidelines in your jurisdiction. To simplify registration into a telephone call, the State of Connecticut offers “cross-town” voter registration as well as mail-in service. You may contact any local registrar to request the proper forms if desired, or visit the registrar’s office. For further details on voting in Connecticut, contact:

Secretary of the State

Election Services Division


Political Organizations

Democratic State Committee

Republican State Committee


Connecticut League of Women Voters



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