Montana offers residents a breathtaking Rocky Mountain setting, with world-class downhill skiing, blue ribbon trout streams, Yellowstone National Park, and a host of other outdoor activities in millions of acres of wilderness areas.  Residents enjoy shopping at local or national retail stores, dining in a small café or just hanging out with friends at an outdoor table enjoying a locally brewed beverage.  The communities that make up the area vary from small and rural, to larger cities like Bozeman and Missoula. But all off these locations share one thing in common, the small town feel that Montana is known for. Residents are fiercely loyal to their hometowns and take great pride in them. School athletics (both primary and collegiate) are important gathering places for everyone, and annual festivals and events bring everyone together.  The arts and theater are all well represented throughout the region. And historical sites can be found through the state, including museums covering everything from Native American culture to mining, farming and ranching. Residents enjoy a high quality of life while basking in some of the best scenery to found in the country.

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