Few areas of our nation can boast the rich history and cosmopolitan flavor of Northern New Jersey. This area has evolved over several centuries into a colorful tapestry of cultural and economic diversity. Densely populated and pulsating with activity, this region encompasses lush parks and woodlands, tranquil residential havens, exclusive enclaves, and bustling industrial centers.

When Northern New Jersey is viewed in its east/west orientation, the western section or Skylands Region is dotted with panoramic mountains, forests, lakes, and streams — an idyllic terrain for skiing, fishing, canoeing, camping, hiking, or hot air ballooning. The eastern portion of this area or the Gateway Region is known for the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Edison’s laboratories, ethnic restaurants, theaters, museums, gardens, discount outlet centers, and the famous professional sports center known as the Meadowlands.

Although the kaleidoscope of activities and attractions in New Jersey could fill any calendar, the full spectrum of world-class advantages associated with “The Big Apple” are easily accessible — from cultural and recreational to business and professional. The spectacular Manhattan skyline is clearly visible from many of the area’s well-developed communities.


Economy & Transportation
Northern New Jersey had its genesis as peaceful agricultural land that experienced rapid transformation into a vibrant center of industry following the Revolutionary War. And while many of the farms, textile factories and mills of yesterday have given way to modern corporations and highly sophisticated industries, several Northern New Jersey counties have remained at the forefront of industrial growth since the turn of the century. The City of Paterson is particularly renowned as the “birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution” and the first “planned industrial city.”

In many of the communities, industrial centers have been revitalized and refurbished to house robust new economic endeavors. Tourist traffic here is significant, spurred by historic attractions that include Liberty State Park and the Statue of Liberty.

Major interstates, key highways and country roads strategically crisscross the entire region. Bus and rail service provide local public transportation, as well as rapid transit to New York City and major urban employment centers. Improvements are constant: Just as the New Jersey Transit bus service completed its three-year, multi-million-dollar renovation and expansion, work began on the $400 million rail and station project, the Secaucus Transfer to Manhattan. State-of-the-art international airports in New Jersey and New York that serve this area include Newark, Kennedy, and LaGuardia.


Education & Healthcare
The dynamic educational system in New Jersey is one of the most appealing factors to new residents. Educators continuously review and improve the curriculum to keep the learning process challenging, exciting, and relevant. In addition to promoting the basics of reading, writing and math, staff members emphasize such essential skills as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Parents can also choose from a number of fine private and parochial schools that serve the region.

The incorporation of computer labs, hands-on science programs, and high-tech resources encourages interaction while it prepares students for leadership in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment. The accommodations for gifted and challenged students are exceptionally rich, creating a setting that maximizes human potential and enhances the learning experience.

Excellence in vocational and technical education, job training, and continuing education opportunities is another widely acclaimed strength of this region. Many respected two-year colleges and four-year institutions are just a few miles from home. Among the many outstanding colleges and universities available are such prestigious institutions such as Fairleigh Dickinson University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, and the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.

It is little wonder that Northern New Jersey has assumed such a leading role in providing the highest quality healthcare to its residents, considering the premier educational institutions and fine research centers that thrive in this region. State-of-the-art teaching hospitals abound, serving as regional resources. Several institutions have not only solidified a reputation for excellence within the state, they have achieved national recognition for leading-edge research and technology as well as innovative medical programs.

Healthcare institutions in this region devote a significant percentage of their attention and resources to developing and implementing proactive programs. Classes, health screenings, nutritional counseling, birthing and family coaching, community outreach, and advice on fitness are some of the activities that promote health and wellness throughout the region. Hospitals and medical centers are complemented by a network of social and health services, rehabilitation centers, specialty practices, therapies, home health, skilled nursing, and hospice to meet every need close to home in Northern New Jersey.

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