Registration for Maricopa County public schools usually occurs in late spring, but it is also possible to register in August and on the opening day of school. School offices are also open for registration two weeks before the school year begins. Registration takes place at the school your child will attend. You will need proof of age (such as a legal birth certificate or baptismal record) and a current immunization record. The month, day, and year of each immunization must be included and the form must be signed by a physician.

Arizona law requires evidence of up-to-date immunizations for entry into kindergarten and first grade. All school districts must show proof that every student has received the required immunizations or is exempt. If immunizations are incomplete, parents are given 15 days after enrollment to present proof of complete immunization. Another requirement is a health checkup within 18 months before entering first grade, and no later than 90 days after entering first grade. To enter kindergarten, a child must be at least five years of age prior to September 1 of the current school year (or at least six years of age on or before September 1 for first grade). For more information or answers to your specific questions on education in Arizona, contact the following:

Arizona Department of Education
1535 West Jefferson Street
Phoenix 602-542-5393
Toll Free 1-800-352-4558

Tapi Arizona Partnership for Immunization
700 East Jefferson Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, 85034

Performance Indicators
Arizona administers state-developed and national achievement tests to monitor the effectiveness of public education and to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the current curriculum. Depending upon grade level, students may participate in AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards), Alternate State Achievement Test or ASAT, NAEP National Assessment of Educational Programs, or the Stanford Achievement Test (Stanford 9). For more information on achievement tests or results by school, district or state, contact:

Assessment & Accountability

Arizona Department of Education
1535 West Jefferson Street
Phoenix 602-364-2333

Charter Schools
Charter schools are public, state-funded schools created through state legislation in 1994. Charter schools contract with the State Board of Education, the State Board for Charter Schools, or a district to provide an education service. These schools do not charge tuition, yet they enjoy freedom from many of the regulations imposed on public schools. Charter schools are designed to offer a learning environment that improves achievement and expands academic choices for parents and students. For further details on charter schools, contact:

Arizona Charter Schools Association
1825 E Northern Avenue
Phoenix 602-944-0644

Exceptional Student Services
The Department of Education provides a full range of programs for gifted and talented students as well as those with handicaps and disabilities. All Arizona school districts are required under federal and state laws and regulations to ensure that handicapped students receive a free appropriate public education that includes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs. If some services are not provided by your school district, it is possible that no students have required that particular service or another agency is meeting the need. For answers to specific questions or more information, contact the following offices:

Exceptional Student Services
3300 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Gifted Education Office
Phoenix 602-364-1908

Special Needs Schools

Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education & Life Skills
Metro Campus
10251 North 35th Avenue
Phoenix, 602-995-7366
East Campus
1430 East Baseline Road
BISTA Center
1430 East Baseline Road
Adult Services
3310 West Cheryl Drive

Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
3100 E. Roosevelt
Phoenix 602-273-7411

Devereux Arizona
11000 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 260
Scottsdale 480-998-2920

Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind
1200 W. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson 602-770-3731

Upward Foundation’s Developmental Achievement Center
6306 North 7th Street
Phoenix 602-279-5801

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