The eyes of the nation have definitely turned toward Phoenix, recently claiming the status of the fifth largest city in the nation. The visionary leadership, careful planning, and targeted promotion that marked the 1980s resulted in explosive growth within every possible arena of activity and endeavor. Phoenix, already Arizona’s capital city as well as the seat of government for Maricopa County, has assumed a whole new global identity in recent years as “The Place” to live, work, and play in the Southwest. Even the long-standing lucrative tourism industry has moved beyond seasonal ups and downs into a year-round boom.

The rich, colorful history of this flourishing metropolis has its roots in 300 A.D. when the gentle, agricultural Hohokam Indians first settled the region. True to the mythical heritage of its name, modern Phoenix “rose from the ashes” of the Hohokam ruins and their ancient canal system. This pattern of emerging renewed and transformed has continued throughout the city’s rich history, beginning with the first significant surge of population at the end of World War II. With the advent of refrigerated air-conditioning, Phoenix grew in appeal as a retirement or winter vacation haven. Summer comfort could now blend with swaying palm trees, endless sunshine, crystalline lakes, and Sonoran desert beauty to attract increasing numbers of year-round residents.

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