Motor Vehicle Information

New residents who own or operate a motor vehicle are required to obtain a Rhode Island drivers license and to register and title all vehicles as soon as they establish residency. For complete details on driver licensing or answers to specific questions, contact the Divison of Motor Vehicles. The numbers for specific offices are also listed:

Rhode Island
Division of Motor Vehicles


Specific DMV Assistance
License Exams 401-588-3009
License Renewals 401-588-3010
Learner’s Permit 401-588-3009
Vehicle Registration 401-588-3020
Vehicle Plates 401-588-3012
First Plate 401-588-3009
Vehicle Titles 401-588-3018
Safety & Emissions 401-222-3886
DMV Cashiers 401-588-3002
Financial Responsibility 401-588-3007

DMV Office Locations
100 Main Street

73 Valley Road

Stedman Government Center
Tower Hill Road

1 Joyce Street

Rhode Island Mall

Ocean Plaza 62 Franklin Street

West Warwick
1237 Main Street

162 Main Street


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