Surrounded by lakes and frequently showered with mist, the “Liquid City” is known for its sparkling social atmosphere, kaleidoscope of attractions, and caffeine culture. Warm coffee in a mug may become frozen latte by afternoon, but small cafes constantly bustle with conversation. Seattle also boasts some of the world’s finest beer from large local breweries. On the cultural scene, few cities can rival the sheer elegance of venues like Benroya Hall, an architecturally masterful tribute to the region’s commitment to the arts. Permanent companies for opera, symphony, and ballet combine with dedicated groups expressing every form of performing art.

Professional sports draw enthusiastic crowds in Seattle, where residents love their home teams even more than bright sunshine or bold coffee. Outdoor enthusiasts are abundant in this panoramic corner of the Pacific Northwest, with its vast open space, rivers, streams, and alpine forests. Seattle claims to have more parks than any other city in the nation, dotted with tennis courts, golf courses, sports fields, playgrounds, and multi-purpose trails.

Living environments vary as widely as the terrain, encompassing waterfront manors, historic districts, houseboat homes, rural acreage, and cozy bungalows in the heart of a small town. Like most sprawling cities, Seattle is divided into sections or neighborhoods for a variety of lifestyles. Treasured districts include eclectic neighborhoods like Fremont. Guarded by the gargantuan mud sculpture of the Fremont Troll beneath the Aurora Bridge, this area tucks ethnic restaurants between brew pubs, vintage clothing stores, and apartment buildings. With its welcoming neighborhoods, distinctive personality, and vibrant energy, little wonder that metropolitan Seattle is one the nation’s fastest growing regions.

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