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The shining jewel of the Rocky Mountain region, one of the nation’s most scenic and cherished alpine recreational areas, is the City and County of Denver. The “Mile High City” is literally perched at 5,280 feet above sea level and offers an equally rarified quality of life. Denver’s robust economy not only drives the state’s economy but receives daily national accolades. The metro region is rapidly maturing into a hub for leading global firms in computer hardware and software, telecommunications, and biotechnology.

Denver is a powerhouse of culture, education, government, innovation, employment, recreation, professional sports, and entertainment. Little wonder that the bright lights of this beautiful metropolis attract a steady steam of newcomers and visitors from around the world. With a spectacular new airport, sweeping revitalization, expanded green space, and acute awareness of environmental issues, Denver is emerging as a model city for new-millennium standards of excellence.

City/County Government
The progressive and dynamic metropolis of Denver is both a city and a county, combining both levels of government into a well-managed and highly integrated organizational structure. Operationally, Denver functions like any other city with the exception of officers who are also county officials. Most services that would be provided by a county clerk or social services agency are under state control.

Colorado enjoys a longstanding reputation for quality education, evolving from one-room pioneer schoolhouses to internationally acclaimed universities. Public and private institutions combine to provide a wealth of opportunities at every income level, from community colleges and vocational schools to graduate and professional studies. Denver University, for example, offers the only school of international studies between the East and West Coasts. Unique in its curriculum and focus, Colorado School of Mines stands in a class of its own as the world’s leading school of mineral engineering.

Residents of Colorado and the Denver area are known for maintaining an active, outdoor lifestyle, enhanced by cutting-edge health-care systems that provide community education, screenings, and fitness or wellness programs. When needed, the finest of professional care is available in respected hospitals and medical centers staffed by skilled specialists. The largest healthcare system in the state is Centura Health, providing a full complement of hospitals, medial/surgical centers, senior care centers, and hospice.

All modes of transportation except water converge in Denver, providing access to the rest of the nation and global markets. Excellent highway systems that are consistently expanded and improved combine with the new light-rail system and extensive bus service to ease commutes and offer efficient links to all metro points. The outstanding Denver International Airport is established in the top tier of airports for on-time arrivals, ranking as the most efficient cold-weather airport in the nation.

Boasting one of the largest park systems in the nation, Denver is a model of livability and quality development. The city offers nearly 30 recreation and senior centers with a myriad of activities and facilities. Unlike some metropolitan areas that allow older facilities to fade and decay in the wake of new development, Denver is committed to renewal and continual improvement on every front. One of the latest projects is the multi-million-dollar facelift for the Denver-owned, highly acclaimed Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Denver residents enjoy a temperate and dry climate, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Even during a winter cold snap, Colorado typically maintains its trademark brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine. The result is an environment made for four-season recreation, enhanced by close proximity to the state’s most treasured outdoor destinations. World-class ski resorts, national parks and forests, lakes and streams, and towering “flatiron” mountains create a paradise for hikers, bikers, golfers, tennis players, off-road enthusiasts, rock climbers, sailors, swimmers, anglers and hunters. The list is limited only by the imagination and the leisure time of Denver’s fortunate residents.

From professional sports teams like the Denver Broncos of Super Bowl fame to internationally renowned entertainment and cultural attractions, Denver excels. With all of the city’s resources, new profiles are constantly greeting the horizon. The new multi-purpose Pepsi Center is the new home for the Nuggets basketball team and the Avalanche ice hockey team.  The spectacular Colorado Ocean Journey offers a world-class aquarium with 15,000 fish, sea otters, river otters, and swimming Sumatran tigers. Regardless of where you settle in the metro area, the City of Denver will be a frequent destination for the finest amenities that life can offer.

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