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Known as the “mountainland region,” Utah County is nestled in the shadows of the scenic Wasatch Mountains in the north-central quadrant of the state. The Wasatch Mountain Range forms the county’s eastern border, although the remaining expanse of land sweeps into the fertile Utah Valley. Here, in the lower valley elevations lie most of the county’s cities and towns.

The elevation differences in Utah County are extreme, reaching 12,000 feet above sea level in the alpine regions and dropping as low as 4,300 feet above sea level in the valley. While the lower elevations receive only about 10 to 20 feet of snow each year, the mountain areas are known for their abundance of fresh powder in the winter months. With this contrast of environments, Utah County residents to enjoy a temperate, sun-drenched climate in close proximity to the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

The Provo/Orem metropolitan area is the hub of commerce, education, and business for Utah County. The two cities, set against the backdrop of majestic Mt. Timpanogos, also serve as the county’s largest population center. Several smaller communities are also located in the Utah Valley, allowing newcomers to choose from a variety of lifestyles. While it’s true that the “sister cities” of Provo and Orem are geographically close, their residents enforce this connection by maintaining an attitude of shared resources. The rapidly growing Provo/Orem region has been acclaimed as one of our nation’s more desirable residential environments and most livable community.

Although a selection of quality, affordable housing is part of Utah County’s magnetism, a dynamic economy plays strongly in the region’s rapid growth. Agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, transportation, utilities, finance, real estate, government employment, tourism, and the wholesale/retail and service industries are among the diverse enterprises in Utah County. The Provo/Orem metropolitan area has assumed leadership in the information technology sector and has been ranked among the nation’s hottest locations for high-tech industries.

State-of-the-art healthcare enhances the quality of life in Utah County, anchored by two Intermountain Health Care hospitals that offer a wide range of medical and surgical specialties. Supporting area hospitals is a network of medical offices, family clinics, emergency centers, dental clinics, mental health facilities, hospices, rehabilitation centers, home healthcare, and nursing services.

With Utah County’s reputation for excellence in education, few students attend private schools. Opportunities for higher education range from the two-year institution of Provo College that focuses on business and technical programs to the internationally famous Brigham Young University. The latter is distinguished as the West’s largest private university and one of the nation’s most respected institutions in the fields of business, law, and engineering.

While Brigham Young University maintains affiliations with the Mormon Church, the worldwide student body is diversified in ethnic and religious backgrounds. Utah Valley State College in Orem, which now offers four-year programs, has always enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a technology institution with superior training programs. Other higher education opportunities within the county include Stevens Henager College and the University of Phoenix. Several career institutions are located within the county: the American Institute of Energy Medicine and the Utah College of Midwifery in Orem as well as the American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology, the Cottonwood Academy of Advanced Massage Therapy, and the Rocky Mountain University for Health Professions in Provo.

Newcomers to Utah County will discover a paradise of year-round recreational opportunity and exceptional amenities. Provo is known as America’s “Freedom City” for the freedom-loving spirit of its early settlers. In keeping with this theme, Provo hosts one of the nation’s most elaborate Independence Day celebrations. From hot air balloon launches and spectacular fireworks to world-class live entertainment, these Fourth of July festivities delight residents and visitors alike.

Particularly in the Provo/Orem metropolitan area, the rapid influx of newcomers has spurred residential development. Handsome subdivisions have been spring up throughout the valley, providing an alternative to well-kept older homes along the tree-shaded streets of well-established neighborhoods. Rentals as well as condominiums, and townhouses are available for those who desire a maintenance-free lifestyle. The growing population has encouraged the expansion of shopping facilities, fine restaurants, and services. Bargain hunters from as far away as southern Utah are drawn to the largest of the many shopping facilities in this area, the University Mall in Orem.

Many who are drawn to Utah County are outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the potential for sports and recreation. Miles of scenic trails are available for biking, horseback riding, hiking, climbing, and off-roading. When the seasons change and a blanket of snow covers the high country, ski resorts offer 400 acres of highly groomed runs dusted with Utah’s famous fresh powder. Within a half-day’s drive from Utah County are six national parks filled with breathtaking scenery, mysterious caverns, dramatic waterfalls, pristine waterfalls, and fantastic rock formations. The list of activities and adventures available in Utah County ranges from river-rafting and boating to dogsledding, snowmobiling, fly fishing, sleigh riding, and cross-country skiing.

Within the communities of Utah County, local parks that feature a variety of recreational amenities like picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields, tennis courts, and lush open space. Several championship courses challenge golfers on meticulous greens with a backdrop of spectacular scenery. Sports fans can jump to their feet cheering on Brigham Young University in collegiate competition.

A strong cultural community has encouraged an abundance of first-rate visual and performing arts in Utah County. Sundance Theatre is popular for summertime performances under the stars, while the associated Children’s Theatre offers afternoon shows. Brigham Young University presents a dazzling performing arts series for community enjoyment and maintains superb exhibits in its art museum. In addition to a season of performances by talented groups like the Utah Valley Symphony, residents can enjoy a long list of annual and celebrations and traditions like Orem’s Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

Utah County presents a cornucopia of advantages to new residents, from a booming economy and excellent schools to affordable housing and unparalleled recreational opportunities. County and municipal planners are dedicated to protecting the area’s quality of life by a balanced and controlled approach to growth and expansion. Although this region is acclaimed in every aspect of daily life, the friendly people who call Utah County home are undoubtedly its greatest asset.



City Hall

Chamber of Commerce

Enjoying a reputation for livability and a booming economy, Provo serves as a regional center for government, business, and education. Dynamic civic leadership, a progressive populace, and a superior infrastructure combine in Provo with outstanding results. The city is acclaimed for its quality healthcare, education, high-tech leadership, and prime residential selection. Provo, along with its sister city Orem, forms the heartbeat of the valley’s business, entertainment, and employment sectors. The city also leads Utah in commercial building, attracting some of the nation’s leading corporations. The intellectual and cultural influence of Brigham Young University enriches the entire community with collegiate sports events as well as visual and performing arts. Outstanding recreational amenities from ski resorts to national parks are the crowning glory of the high quality of life.


City Hall

Chamber of Commerce

Claiming the enviable title of “Family City USA,” Orem manages to strike a balance between growth and expansion, a progressive local government, and serene neighborhoods along tree-shaded lanes. With a reputation as a desirable place to raise a family, Orem reflects the American ideal of community life. In fact, the city has received national recognition for its overall excellence in key areas. While Orem offers a pleasing variety of restaurants, services, shopping plazas, malls, and entertainment spots, the expansive amenities of Provo are only minutes from home. The two cities constitute one metropolitan area filled with outstanding healthcare institutions, excellent public and private schools, and a flourishing economy highlighted by innovation and high-tech leadership. Community recreational resources combine with Utah’s natural playground of parks and monuments to fill leisure hours with a kaleidoscope of activities.

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