Public School Registration

City and county school districts in Maryland set their own deadline for registration age requirements. Students attending schools in the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Carroll County, and Harford County must be at least five years old by December 31 of the current enrollment year before they are eligible to register for kindergarten. The guideline used by Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George’s counties for eligibility is five years old by January 1.

Enrollment and transfer requirements for all public school students in Maryland include proof of residency in the school district, a legal birth certificate, the student’s social security card, and the latest report card or complete transcripts from the previous school attended. Students must also present physician-signed proof of required immunizations that include DPT, polio, rubella, and measles. All children enrolling in kindergarten and first grade must be immunized with vaccines for hepatitis B and chicken pox.

For complete information on immunization requirements or answers to your specific questions, contact the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. More general questions about public education can be addressed to the State Department of Education.

The Department of Health
& Mental Hygiene
Baltimore 877-463-3464

Maryland State Department
of Education
Baltimore 410-767-0100
Toll free 888-246-0016

Assessment & Accountability
Maryland School Assessment (MSA) is a new, high-quality test that is aligned with Maryland standards to provide accurate, useful, and timely information on students. MSA also meets the new federal testing requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. The HAS or Maryland High School Assessments test a student’s knowledge of the core learning goal and are given as end-of-course exams in English I, biology, geometry, government, and algebra/data analysis. Maryland public school students who entered grade nine by fall of 2003 will be required to pass the HAS exams as part of their graduation requirement.

Each year, the Maryland State Department of Education provides the public with data at three levels: Statewide, school systems, and individual schools. Some information reflects a measurement of performance for the school and the report includes statewide standards of “satisfactory” or “excellent.” Other data simply describes characteristics and is reported without standards. Specifics can be obtained from the State Department of Education or on the Maryland School Performance Report website. A wealth of information on standards and assessment is also offered on the School Improvement in Maryland website.

Maryland School Performance Report

School Improvement in Maryland
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