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Stevens County, located in the northeastern part of Washington State, is bordered on two sides by rivers and lakes, and highways follow these routes. Our neighbor to the north, British Columbia, Canada provides a mountainous backdrop to the mountain ridges across the county. Colville, the county seat, sits at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 395 and State Highway 20, the northernmost crossstate highway. On the west side of the county, State Highway 25 follows the Columbia River/Lake Roosevelt from Two Rivers past Kettle Falls and Northport to the Canadian border at Rossland, BC. The county is located Just east of the Kettle Crest Range in Ferry County and with parts of the Selkirk Mountains the highest point is Abercrombie Mountain at 7,308 feet. The lowest point is the confluence of the Spokane and Columbia Rivers at normal water level of 1284 feet. At 1,635 feet elevation Colville sits in a valley surrounded by mountains averaging 5500 feet high.


Outdoor recreation is king in this part of the state and Stevens County is the perfect place to enjoy that lifestyle. With a true four season climate, the county has recreational opportunities for every type of enthusiast regardless of the season.  Residents can hike, mountain bike, ride horseback, or bike throughout the Colville National Forest, Department of Natural Resources lands, and the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge. There are trailheads throughout the county heading into the mountains offering residents challenges of every type. Hunting is extremely popular as well in the area with season for every type of game. Families looking to get away can camp throughout the area. There are campgrounds at most lakes, along Lake Roosevelt, and in the Colville National Forest.  Lake Roosevelt and the Kettle River form the western boundary of Stevens County and provide miles of water for all water activities. Houseboats, rented at Kettle Falls Marina or Two Rivers Marina, can be navigated down the lake and parked at any beach or cove. Loon Lake, Waitts Lake, Deer Lake, Lake Spokane, and the Little Pend Oreille Lakes allow motors, water skiing and personal watercraft. During the hot summer months residents flock to the local beaches from relaxation.

The building of Grand Coulee Dam in 1939, that backed up the Columbia River for nearly 150 miles, changed the region and location of communities. Campgrounds now ring the lake where small towns once existed. Water enthusiasts enjoy the opportunity to boat, sail, swim, fish and camp in the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Northport, Kettle Falls, Daisy and Hunters provide supplies to the recreationists. There are also several golf courses in the area for those looking to enjoy the outdoors at an easier pace.

Each of the small communities in the county has its own feel and lifestyle. Residents enjoy the small town rural lifestyle. Annual festivals, local gatherings and celebrations help to bring neighbors together. Newcomers will find friendly, hard working people who enjoy their natural surroundings.


Quality educational opportunities are available in and near the county, underlined by excellent public-school districts and options for select private and parochial schools. The Colville school district offers a full spectrum of educational opportunities for local students. For those looking for higher educational opportunities, there are a number of local and online opportunities available from state and regional colleges and universities for students of all ages. Community Colleges of Spokane offers programs for residents through its Colville extension. Through its distance learning programs, WSU offers residents a wide selection of degree options. Washington State University (WSU) is a 4 year institution. WSU offers more than 150 undergraduate programs and 100+ master’s and doctoral degrees.

Stevens County enjoys an extraordinary array of health, fitness, and medical services. The healthcare needs of those living in the county and its surrounding area are serviced by two accredited hospitals with a wide variety of disciplines of healthcare providers. In Colville and Kettle Falls the Northeast Washington Medical Group and Specialty Clinic has over 25 doctors on staff including family medicine, surgeons, internal medicine, and urology along with a Pharmacy, Diabetic Counseling and more. Providence Mount Carmel Hospital is a Critical Access hospital serving a three-county area in Northeast Washington.

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Chewelah is located just 45 minutes north of Spokane and is a dynamic growing community that is maintaining its small town feel. Known as “Your Place for All Seasons” and the “Southern Gateway to the Colville National Forest”, Chewelah has the small-town charm that people are looking for in todays hectic world.  It is located 45 minutes north of Spokane and 70 miles south of the Canadian border on Hwy 395. The Chewelah valley is is a beautiful, quiet gateway to countless natural resources and recreational opportunities. The Chewelah community is a mixture of long-time residents and newcomers looking to slow down their pace of life surrounded by unbelievable natural beauty.  Residents are a friendly bunch, who like to know their neighbors and have strong civic pride. As a hub of recreational activity, there is plenty to do in the area. Real estate options are primarily single family homes, but thanks to the low cost of real estate, there are plenty of affordable options. Land to build a dream home is also plentiful. The community has easy access to a hospital, a school system that is K-12, a vibrant cultural and arts community, major hardware and grocery stores, a municipal airport, reasonable property taxes and an enviable quality of life.

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Colville is located at the junction of U.S. Highway 395 which runs completely from Mexico to Canada through the center of Colville, forming the town’s main street and highway 20 running east to west. Colville is a mountain town with a large collection of historic Victorian homes, as well as traditional modern homes. The community prides itself on being a clean city that serves its residents and visitors. The major industries that support the community are recreational, timber, agriculture and farm interests. The town of Colville has a slogan: “City of Proud Heritage”.  Residents embrace the heritage of the community and the surrounding areas. The small town charm is evident everywhere in the town. A unique feature of the community are its extra wide streets which were originally built so that teams of horses could easily pull timber through town. As with all of Stevens county, outdoor recreation is dominant here and the residents don’t have to stray far from their front door to find it.  Colville boasts a friendly, historic downtown shopping district with specialty shops. With almost 5000 residents Colville is a nice sized town. Locals celebrate Colville Rendezvous Days the first weekend in August. Several other annual events and local traditions add to the pleasure of living in this community.

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Kettle Falls is a small community near the Columbia River. The town had to be moved when Lake Roosevelt was filled behind Grand Coulee Dam. Kettle Falls took over the town site of Meyers Falls and has home to just over 1,600 residents. The town is known for electing a town “Grouch,” elected each year during Kettle Falls Town & County Days in June. Boise wood products has two mills in Kettle Falls and Avista Utilities has a power generating plant. Located near the edge of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, Kettle Falls is the prime destination for boaters, campers, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts. Combined with the surrounding forests, streams and trails, owned by the U.S. Forest Service and DNR, the recreational opportunities are endless. Explore the area and discover the culture and history of the region by visiting St. Paul’s Mission or the Historical Center. The artifacts, photographs and exhibits paint a picture of a different community in the past. The community is also home to several local parks and local businesses. Happy Dell Park has a baseball field, pavilion, barbecue pits, and playground. The town has a Skate Park with a bowl and cradle to entertain skaters of all skill levels. Kettle Falls has several festivals and fairs throughout the year that bring residents and visitors together. Small town charm, unrivaled recreation and friendly neighbors make this a great place to call home.

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