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Chelan County is home to a population of more than 74,000 residents. The county seat and largest city is Wenatchee. The county derives its name from a Chelan Indian word meaning “deep water,” likely a reference to the long and deep Lake Chelan, which reaches a maximum depth of 1,486 feet and is 55 miles long. It dominates the area is a center of activity for residents.

Chelan County is known for its beautiful summers and four seasons weather and of course its deep blue lake. This county is located on the territory where the Cascades Mountains and the eastern part of Washington desert are joined together. The main attractions here are the views of the mountains, rivers and lakes. Lake Chelan is a glacier-fed lake and is one of the biggest attractions in the area – drawing lots of visitors each year. Travelers come to the lake to enjoy endless opportunities of water recreation, such as water-skiing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, tubing windsurfing and leisurely boating.

The cities around the lake have become very popular recreational areas. These cities attract travelers with numerous recreational possibilities as well as with perfect vineyards and the fruit that the region is famous for. Chelan County is one of the Washington’s fast growing wine regions.

Chelan County has lots to propose to its’ visitors: wonderful trails along Lake Chelan, water recreation opportunities, public parks, wine tours and unusual trips to unusual Stehekin, which is accessible only by boat or a seaplane. This unusual community lies in the North Cascades on Lake Chelan and is considered to be a magic place lost in beautiful nature. Of course, the lake isn’t the only thing in the county that draws visitors, the Wenatchee Valley enjoys a wealth of recreational attractions.  The Wenatchee Valley encompasses an area that includes arid desert landscapes and natural beaches along the Columbia River along with city parks, as well as the alpine wilderness of the Cascade Range.  The Wenatchee Valley has become a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts. In the same day residents can: water ski the Columbia River and snow ski Mission Ridge; whitewater raft the Wenatchee River and mountain bike Sage Hills; enjoy a few rounds of golf and take a snowshoe trek. Several trail systems surround this picturesque area including the Apple Capital Loop Trail. This is a system of shoreline trails along the Columbia River. This is the longest trail system in Washington State. This is a busy trail that is popular among cyclists, hikers, joggers and those who want to enjoy the views of the river. The trail has exits at Riverwalk Crossing Pedestrian Overpass, which is located in the downtown of Wenatchee.

For those looking to more than outdoor recreation, the county offers some unique communities and options for just about anything. Residents and visitors can enjoy the Bavarian community of Leavenworth, which was converted to look like a Bavarian village in the 1960’s as a way to save the town. Visitors flock to this scenic place to get the full European feel of an Alpine community. Each town and city has its own character featuring locally owned shops and restaurants selling the latest in local goods. Residents can stroll historic main streets, visit museums or just relax with a glass of local wine.

Quality educational opportunities are available in and near the county, underlined by excellent public-school districts and options for select private and parochial schools. Several local school districts offer a full spectrum of educational opportunities for local students. The Wenatchee school district is the largest district in the county. The Wenatchee School District has a population of over 7,900 students and provides a comprehensive offering of programs for students and families. There are 7 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 comprehensive high school, 1 alternative high school, a K-10 alternative parent partnership school, and a technical skills center that serves a consortium of school districts.

For those looking for higher educational opportunities, there are a number of local and online opportunities available from state and regional colleges and universities for students of all ages. The Wenatchee Valley College district serves an area the size of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined, covering more than 10,000 square miles of Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties. The Wenatchee campus is 52 acres in size and is located near the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. This college system serves close to 6,000 students in the region and offers multiple degree programs. Through its distance learning programs, WSU offers residents a wide selection of degree options. Washington State University (WSU) is a 4 year institution. WSU offers more than 150 undergraduate programs and 100+ master’s and doctoral degrees.

Healthcare options abound in the county with several hospitals serving the residents healthcare needs. Confluence health runs two full service hospitals in the county and several clinics, these include Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee and Wenatchee Valley Hospital. The Lake Chelan Hospital offers a full range of medical services, including surgery, inpatient care, childbirth services, medical imaging, emergency room and community wellness programs. With a high staff-to-patient ratio, the hospital provides patient-focused medical treatment that is both individualized and professional. There are clinics and medical facilities throughout the region, ensuring that residents healthcare needs are covered.


City Offices

Located in the Wenatchee River Valley, Cashmere is bordered by the Wenatchee River and steep hillsides. The elevation of the city is between 800 and 1,000 feet above sea level. Ridges along the north side of the valley rise over 2,000 feet above sea level before ascending into the Entiat Mountains. South of Cashmere, mountains rise over 2,000 feet above sea level and extend into the Wenatchee Mountains and Mission Ridge. The City of Cashmere, which is the acknowledged geographical center of Washington State, is located at the foot of these Mountains on the banks of the Wenatchee River. Dominating the view to the west is Mount Cashmere, rising to 8,500 feet. To the east flows the Columbia River, harnessed to provide electrical power for the Pacific Coast and irrigation water to convert hundreds of thousands of desert-like acres into rich, valuable farmland. Cashmere has a bountiful agricultural landscape and is in close proximity to the natural recreational opportunities that make the are so welcoming. The community is in a rural setting and is surrounded by forests of pine and fir with populations of deer, elk, bear, coyote and native birds. Residents enjoy this quiet pace of life. Cashmere is home to an internationally famous fruit candy, fruit packing and processing industry. Although agriculture is a major part of the city’s economy, Cashmere is mostly a residential community, with a large part of its population commuting to nearby Wenatchee for employment. Attractions include the Liberty Orchards’ Aplets & Cotlets factory, antique malls, the historic downtown, restaurants and the Chelan County Expo Center. The Wenatchee River is the most popular whitewater rafting river in the state, with many rafters taking out at Cashmere’s Riverfront Park. Mountain bikers also flock to the nearby Devil’s Gulch Trail, considered one of the best rides in the state.

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The community of Chelan sits at the foot of 50-mile long Lake Chelan and has become a family favorite year-round resort destination for many. Chelan offers boutique shopping with shops owned by local artisans. There are plenty of dining options in downtown restaurants serving locally sourced food. The community is al so home to a burgeoning wine industry, several festivals, golf courses and mountain-biking and cross-country ski trails. There is a thriving art scene that is bringing art of all types to the area. The city is served by a community hospital. Besides tourism, the other major industry is agriculture with more than 9,000 acres in the hills of apple, cherry, pear, apricot and peach trees, along with wine grapes. The Lake Chelan Valley is a great place to visit and an even better place to call home. The Valley offers four seasons of recreation, With ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, residents of the Lake Chelan Valley pride themselves on having a high quality of life. The Lake Chelan Valley maintains the strong sense of community rich in small towns. Residents greet each other by name and community service is alive and well, apparent in strong participation among the community’s civic groups. The Valley’s natural beauty, coupled with abundant amenities, make it an excellent place to live.

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940 Highway 2
Leavenworth 509-548-5807
Leavenworth is world famous for its adopted Bavarian theme and scenic mountain setting that could easily be mistaken for a village in the Alps.  This look was created in the 1960’s when community leaders decided that they needed to do something to save their town when the lumber industry and railroad left the area. So, the community rallied together to completely convert the town to what it is today.  Nestled along the banks at the convergence of two rivers, this charming small town is one of Washington’s best places to visit. Summers in the community are filled with sunny skies and winters see it covered in snow. Leavenworth’s unique Bavarian appearance is a draw that brings more than 2 million people annually from all over to come and celebrate the seasons at any one of the many festivals that occur every year.  Popular with recreation enthusiasts, people flock to the mountains and rivers that border the city limits; hiking, biking, climbing, and rafting are just minutes from downtown’s shopping and restaurants. Downtown Leavenworth’s quaint Bavarian village is a shopper’s delight. Wander down any of the streets and explore the many friendly shops and restaurants that populate this town. The areas surrounding Leavenworth, including Icicle Canyon, Plain and Lake Wenatchee offer endless miles of Forest Service roads, trails and recreational opportunities. This is a unique community with a very strong civic pride. Residents, business owner and community leaders are committed to maintain the image that has been cultivated for the community.

City Offices

Chamber of Commerce
Wenatchee is the largest city in Chelan County and the economic center of North Central Washington.  This sunny city on the Columbia River has been voted one of the best places to live and recreate in the country. In the summer the river is filled with families and friends waterskiing and pleasure boating the warm waters and cyclists and runners use the13 mile Apple Capitol Loop trail, one of the best urban public spaces in the state.

Wenatchee is known as the Apple Capital of the World. Wenatchee serves as the retail and medical hub for approximately 250,000 people living in North Central Washington and the city is at the center of the Wenatchee Metropolitan Area. Located at the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers and bordered on the west by the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Wenatchee is a four-seasons area and the city’s highly active residents take advantage of numerous skiing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, paddling, and cycling opportunities. One of the best “small” ski areas in the West — Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort — is located just 12 miles away from downtown, and Columbia River and Wenatchee Foothills trail systems are within 10 minutes of most residences. While many of the community’s original orchards have given way to houses, the city remains the center for dozens of fruit brokers, packing sheds and processing facilities. The city is also home to entertainment and cultural facilities that include Pybus Market, the second largest public market in the state, the 4,000-seat Town Toyota Center, and the 550-seat Numerica Performing Arts Center. The city also is home to Wenatchee Valley College and its 3,200 students. Wenatchee is home to many performing arts groups including the Wenatchee Valley Symphony, Wenatchee Big Band, Columbia Chorale, Wenatchee Valley Appleaires and The Apollo Club. Music Theater of Wenatchee, Stage Kids, and several other theatre companies offer stage productions year-round. Wenatchee also is home to Mariachi Huenachi, a much-celebrated mariachi program in the Wenatchee School District which has performed all over the nation.

Wenatchee hosts a number of large chain retailers, as well as a thriving small business community dedicated to providing quality services.  Diners can satisfy their hunger at a large number of restaurants popular with locals.  Not only serving the city’s needs, Wenatchee’s merchants, hotels and eateries serve the entire three county area.

Wenatchee is a great place to call home. Residents have everything they need from recreation to education, healthcare to hobbies and all of it close to home.

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