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32 High Street
Wiscasset 207-882-6311

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Damariscotta 207-563-8340

Major Highways
U.S. Highway 1, Route 27


Home to quaint fishing villages, country communities, and island resorts, the panoramic region of Lincoln County brings together land and sea. Miles Memorial Hospital in Damariscotta leads the way in providing routine and specialized healthcare services to the residents of this area. Located on the banks of the Damariscotta River, the hospital supports a comprehensive network of services. From obstetrics to gerontology, Miles Health Care has developed a complete “circle of care” that meets the medical, rehabilitation, wellness, and retirement needs of Lincoln County. At the same time, patients and their families enjoy the privacy and added measure of personalized attention that only a smaller center can provide.

A network of quality school districts joins regional private schools to ensure outstanding educational experiences for area children and young adults. Maine enjoys a number two ranking in the nation for “school climate, including class size and parental involvement. In addition to the wealth of colleges and universities located in Maine, the county is home to Boothbay Region Adult & Community Education, another communication education program in Damariscotta, and Wiscasset Community Education Center.


Just an hour’s drive from the expanded amenities in Portland, Lincoln County offers an appealing collection of small towns set against the scenic backdrop of a truly remarkable landscape. Coastal communities like Waldoboro, Damariscotta, Boothbay Harbor, and Wiscasset provide the services and amenities for this area, from medical care to shopping and cultural attractions. Wiscasset is home to a municipal airport that remains operational around the four seasons. The region also encourages outdoor adventure with clear salt and fresh water attractions, parks for picnics, trails for hiking, and pristine areas for camping or nature study.

Island communities, yacht clubs, lobster boats, brick sidewalks, historic churches, fine restaurants, galleries, and quaint homes are just a few of the many faces of the Lincoln County charm. Southport is a beautifully wooded island that connects to the mainland by a bridge, while the famous resort town of Boothbay Harbor features one of the finest natural harbors on the Maine coast. Dresden is distinguished as a duck hunter’s paradise along the Eastern Flyway as well as a hunting haven in the autumn. Regardless of where you settle in this picturesque area, you can look forward to breathtaking vistas of Maine’s unique topography and sweeping coastline.


Boothbay Harbor

Municipal Offices

Chamber of Commerce

Boothbay was settled by fishermen and traders settled during the first half of the 17th century. Although the community became an official town in 1764, it was 1889 before Boothbay Harbor became a separate entity. The entire region has historically seen great success in the shipbuilding industry, which flourishes today. The area is still known as, “The Boating Capital of New England.” Boothbay Harbor also experiences economic success with summer resort traffic and tourism. Lobster fishing also plays a role in the local economy.

Boothbay Harbor declares itself as, “The way life should be!” This one statement reflects the strong sense of community pride that characterizes the town’s residents. Visitors and residents alike enjoy several scenic parks and recreation areas scattered throughout the town. On Linekin Bay, families can enjoy swimming, hiking, and picnic facilities at Barrett Park. These activities are also available at Knickercane Island Park and Linekin Preserve. Boothbay Harbor’s famous port is home to more than a dozen excursion boats that offer tours to those who desire to explore the sea including whale watching.



Municipal Offices

Chamber of Commerce

Damariscotta and Newcastle, as quintessential New England villages, are also known as the “Twin Villages.” Offering a great location at the mouth of the Damariscotta River just twelve miles from the ocean, the area has attracted many stores and one-of-a-kind specialty boutiques. The boatyard for these villages not only reflects the roots of this region in the shipbuilding industry but enhances the maritime flavor of the town.

Newcomers will find an abundance of lovely colonial homes and public buildings. These structures create a charming cityscape, complemented by handsome churches and outstanding schools, a local hospital, the public library, and a country club. Residents enjoy sailing, canoeing, and fishing in popular destinations such as nearby Damariscotta Lake State Park and Dodge Point Preserve State Park. Other neighboring points of interest include Pemaquid Point, Pemaquid Beach Park, and Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site.

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