Maine enjoys a reputation as one of the most healthful regions of the nation. With an invigorating outdoor lifestyle, thousands of acres of undisturbed terrain, and a climate that offers the best of each season, Maine residents enjoy an unrivaled quality of life. Maine has also been recognized as one of the best states in the nation for raising children.

Newcomers to Maine will find a vast array of recreational activities, outstanding educational resources, a convenient transportation network, quality healthcare, and flourishing business opportunities. Municipalities in Maine encompass 16 counties, 22 cities, 435 towns, 33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships—each with its own distinctive charm and vibrant New England ambiance.

Maine residents also benefit from a continuously flourishing economy. In recent years, Maine has continually led New England in job growth. A strong job market, combined with an expansive array of small business opportunities, brings a steady stream of new residents and new businesses to Maine.

Companies that are relocating to Maine are joining the many successful businesses that were founded in the state, taking advantage of Maine’s productive labor market and the low operating costs. New businesses also find that Maine is a great environment for their workers, with quick and easy commutes, an invigorating natural environment, gracious housing, and an overall high quality of life.

With Maine’s economic strength stemming from diversity, the fishing, technology, manufacturing, and farming industries are booming. As the most popular tourist destination in New England, Maine also generates millions of dollars in tourism each year. The state’s outstanding summer climate and rich fertile soils produce bountiful harvests of mouth-watering apples, potatoes, and berries each year. Maine produces 99 percent of the nation’s blue­berries and ranks near the top for potato production.

Maine is probably the most famous for its delicious shellfish. Each year, nearly 50 million pounds of lobster are harvested in addition to 200 million pounds of other shellfish and finfish. With this abundant supply of natural resources and burgeoning industries, the depth of Maine’s economy offers a wealth of superb oppor­tunities for its residents.


The population of Maine  has worked diligently and successfully to keep pace with the state’s continued growth and prosperity. With an eye toward the future, the Maine Department of Transportation is focused on constant improvement of the highway system and the development and installation of transportation alternatives across the region. The Maine Turnpike, one of most scenic and efficient highways in the nation—along with extensive public bus and ferry systems—gives residents quick and easy access to local and regional destinations.

Healthcare services and facilities in Maine are first rate. Local community hospitals are readily available close to home, offering personalized care and state-of-the-art advancements. Larger and more highly specialized facilities are located in metropolitan centers to assure access to advanced care. With several respected hospitals and medical centers throughout the state that provide comprehensive services, Maine families are assured of leading-edge diagnostics and treatment.

Residents of Maine also benefit from some of the most acclaimed and far-reaching educational opportunities in New England. Maine maintains a top-rated, award-winning school system. In fact, public and private schools in Maine are all noted for their small classes, lovely campuses, high attendance rates, and strong community involvement. Maine is also home to colleges, technical schools, and major universities where degree programs are available in nearly every imaginable field of study. With seven campuses, the University of Maine is one of the nation’s finest smaller systems of higher education. Students receive highly personalized attention in programs that cover a wide range of disciplines from forestry and the environmental sciences to education and business.

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