Maine is divided into three climate zones: Coastal, southern interior, and northern interior. The Atlantic Ocean tends to cool the summer heat and temper winter’s chill along the coast. The peak temperatures in July average 70 F, although the southern interior may see as many as 25 days at 90 F. Summer nights remain cool and refreshing.

Winters tend to be cold with great temperature variations. The northern interior may see as many as 40-60 days of sub-zero temperatures each year, while the coast sees only 10-20. The annual precipitation averages 40 inches in the northern interior, 42 in the southern interior, and 46 inches in the coastal areas.


Month                                      Highs °F               Lows °F
January                                 32                          12
April                                       53                          32
July                                        80                          57
October                                 60                          37
December                               35                          16


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