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Contact the bureau directly for details on branch office locations/hours.


Vehicle Registration
Pay excise tax at your town office. This tax is calculated on the list price of a vehicle including all options at a range from 24 mills ($24 per $1,000 in value) to 4 mills ($4 per $1,000 in value) for older models. Except for certain commercial vehicles that were manufactured after 1995, the tax base is the actual purchase price in the original year of title.
Visit a BMV branch office and pay the registration fee based on type of vehicle and license plate selected.

The following documents will be necessary to register:
•Green dealer’s certificate or signed bill of sale (sales tax paid)
•Blue title application or title signed over to current owner
•Evidence of insurance (ID card or policy)
•White and yellow copy of registration application as well as the excise tax receipt (from town office)

Drivers License

New Resident with Valid Out-of-State License
New residents with a valid license from out-of-state can usually omit many of the steps that are required to obtain a drivers license for the first time in the State of Maine. Detailed information on all laws, exams, fees, and licenses is available at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles main office and all branches. These guidelines apply:
•Complete vision screening test
•Turn in out-of-state license
•Pay exam and license fees

Those applying for a license in the State of Maine who do not have a valid license from another state are subject to these additional rules and regulations:
•Applicants must complete a driver knowledge exam and vision test
•All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Applicants under 18 must complete an approved driver education course
•Applicants must complete a road test. Applicants under 21 must have completed the prescribed hours of practice driving that include night driving that were supervised by a licensed driver over 20 years of age. They must have held a permit for at least three months
•New licenses that are issued to drivers under 21 are provisional for a period of two years, while those 21 and over are issued a license that is provisional for one year

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