Consult your local school district for the cut-off date in which a child must be five years old to register for kindergarten, since these dates can vary from state to state and also from one district to another. Enrollment and transfer requirements for all public school students include a certified birth certificate, the child’s social security number, any applicable legal custody or guardianship documents, and acceptable proof of residency. The latter can take the form of dated and signed deeds, rental contracts, tax statements or bills, address on drivers license, and utility bills.

Transferring students should also have their last report card and/or transcripts from previous schools or contact information to request these documents. All students will be required to submit physician-signed proof of required immunizations in the proper doses and intervals, and a physical exam may also be required depending upon the child’s age and the school district guidelines. For answers to specific on education contact the appropriate state education office:

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Delaware Department of Education


Charter Schools
In some cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, charter schools have been established. These schools are defined as publicly funded schools that are developed and implemented by an individual or group within the community. These schools enjoy much greater academic. For more information on the full range of educational alternatives, contact the appropriate office under the State Department of Education:

Pennsylvania Charter Schools

Delaware Charter Schools


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