From its roots as a youthful Western state known for its spectacular scenery, Utah has emerged as a vital force within the western United States, the nation, and the global marketplace. Since the last decade of the 20th century, the state’s exceptional resources and economic growth have drawn praise and attention from every sector. Utah has garnered accolades for its leading economy, fiscal management, booming housing market, healthy populous, educated workforce, positive business environment, and recreational amenities.

Expert voices from the Western Blue Chip Economic Forecast to Financial World, US News and World Report, and Time magazine have all recognized the emergence of Utah as one of the nation’s premier areas. Demographically, the state is unique. Within the area known as the Wasatch Front, 77 percent of the state’s population occupies only 4.4 percent of the land. Taking its name for the views of the Wasatch Mountains to the east, this region includes Salt Lake City, Ogden, Orem, and Provo. As metropolitan centers expand, the pristine rural areas that surround them continue to develop as well.

Transportation amenities include an efficient interstate network supported by 43,000 miles of highways and Amtrak passenger rail service. Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides public transportation service to the Wasatch Front with a focus on the metropolitan areas of Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, and Orem. In addition to extensive bus service, UTA operates TRAX, a light rail network that offers daily commuter service to thousands of regional residents.

Diversity is one of the greatest strengths of Utah’s robust economy, spearheaded by an active service sector that includes computer software, healthcare, catalog divisions, and temporary services. Telemarketing operations are prolific, encouraged by the state’s geography, time zone, and multilingual employees. Booms in trade, tourism, manufacturing, and construction have encouraged the growth of finance, insurance, aerospace, electronics, and real estate.

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