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As the birthplace of the American Revolution and the cradle of the industrial revolution, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts boasts a distinguished tradition of ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Today, Massachusetts offers businesses many unique advantages. Among them are:

* One of the nation’s largest research and development tax credits.
* Number one nationally for Small Business Innovation Research grants.
* Massachusetts has produced half of all the Nobel Prize winners in the nation.
* Number one nationally in the concentration of science and engineering graduates.
* Number one nationally for having the best innovation assets.
* Number one nationally for resident with the highest college attainment.
* Number one nationally in the number of high-tech companies per capita and level of venture capital.
* Grade “A” for performance, development capacity, and business vitality

Key Industries
Advanced Materials
Education & Research
Environmental Technology
Fabricated Metals
Financial Services
Health Services and Medical Technology
Ind. Machinery & Equip.
Information Technology
Textiles & Apparel

Labor and Workforce information
For a list of major employers as well as information about the job market in Massachusetts please visit the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development website: