Income Tax

Income tax in New York follows a graduated scale based on your taxable income and filing status. The state tax you owe will also be affected by any applicable deductions and credits. The state automatically gives the New York State household credit, the city of New York school tax credit, and the city of New York household credit to taxpayers who qualify. The New York State household credit is applied against the New York State personal income tax. If the credit exceeds that tax, the excess is not refundable, and any unused credit may not be carried over to a future year. For details or answers to specific questions, contact:

New York State Department of Taxation & Finance
Information 800-225-5829

Tax Forms & Instructions
Form Orders 800-462-8100

New York State Department of Taxation & Finance
Westchester District Office
90 South Ridge Street
Rye Brook

Online or Phone Tax Payments
In addition to e-filing and tele-filing options in New York, it is possible to make your tax payment online or via the telephone using one of these two services:

Official Payments Corporation


Sales & Use Taxes
The amount of sales and use tax you pay in New York will depend upon the locality. The state rate is 4 percent but counties, cities, and other taxing jurisdictions add to this rate. Most tangible personal property is subject to taxation. Some exempt items include pharmaceuticals and medication, certain medical equipment, periodicals, and most food items. You will owe state and local sales or use tax directly to the Tax Department if you purchase property or a service that was delivered in New York State without paying local taxes such as an Internet or catalog order or television shopping. For answers to specific questions, contact:

New York State Department of Taxation & Finance
Information 518-485-6800

Property Taxes
In New York State, almost all property is assessed locally by assessors who are appointed or elected at the municipal level. Once the market value of the property has been determined, which is the price most people would pay for a property in its current condition, the assessment can be calculated according to current rates. On a state level, the valuation standards serve as guidelines in valuing property “ad valorem” real property taxation. For more information, contact your local or county assessor.

New York State Office of Real Property Services
Information 518-486-5446

Real Property Tax Services

Dutchess County
22 Market Street
Poughkeepsie 845-486-2140

Orange County
124 Main Street
Goshen 845-291-2490

Putnam County
40 Grenada Avenue
Carmel 845-225-3848

Rockland County
18 New Hempstead Road
New City 845-638-5131

Ulster County
244 Fair Street
Kingston 845-340-3490

Westchester County
110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
White Plains 914-995-4325

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