Welcome to the Hudson River Valley, the scenic region that surrounds Metropolitan New York and the glittering nightlife of the “Big Apple.” Relocating to a new area can be a challenging transition, so this guide is filled with useful information that will be of help before, during, and even after your move. You will find details on education, healthcare, attractions, historic sites, demographics, transportation, tax and license, and the kaleidoscope of counties and communities that make up the Hudson Valley.

The entire region is filled with welcoming communities that support every imaginable lifestyle. You will be able to select from hundreds of neighborhoods offering every possible housing option. Busting urban centers, prestigious enclaves, suburban towns, charming villages, open countryside, and quaint hamlets are all included in this diverse area.

The Metropolitan New York area is literally a geo-center — truly, a world-class economic and socio-cultural hub. Many of the world’s most prestigious corporations have their United States and international offices headquartered in this region. The talents and energies of the best and the brightest are always in demand, creating a constant flow of well-educated managers and seasoned executives who are joined by their families.

As the decades have unfolded, many major business endeavors have either sprung up or migrated to the counties that comprise the Hudson River Valley. More than one top New York City executive living in suburbia has decided to move the company “closer to home.”

Westchester, Rockland, and Dutchess counties have attracted the most attention as ideal locations for commerce and industry. At the same time, the economic base has been expanding in the primarily agricultural and resort lands that make up Putnam, Orange, and Ulster counties.

Lakeside communities plus a myriad of small villages and hamlets have sprung up and flourished around the wooded splendor and vast natural resources of this often rugged but always beautiful terrain. Many homes are nestled in secluded woods, while others command breathtaking sunset and sunrise vistas across a serene lake.

The shift from strictly vacation and resort areas to year-round residential havens in Putnam and Orange counties has encouraged even more commercial growth. Many of the area’s larger towns and cities have evolved into major employment centers, offering Hudson River Valley residents the option to work in or near their “own backyards” rather than having to commute into the “big city.”


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