Situated at an elevation of 2,174 feet, the City of Las Vegas serves as the county seat of Clark County. Other cities and communities that are included in the area surrounding Las Vegas are North Las Vegas, Henderson with its sprawling enclave popularly called Green Valley, and Boulder City.

The Las Vegas Valley encompasses about 7,930 square miles of area, bordered by Hoover Dam, the respected Nellis Air Force Base complex and range, and the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. This vast region lies on the southern edge of Nevada’s distinctive basin for a truly open, expansive feeling.

As the largest city in the state, Las Vegas delivers all the amenities and advantages of a major metropolitan center. Culture and the arts, higher education, leading research institutions, and major healthcare facilities are all available. At the same time, Las Vegas combines the casual warmth of the Old West with a pulsating and glittering nightlife that has earned the city the title of “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Las Vegas is a city like no other in the nation. Gambling was legalized decades ago in Nevada, which eventually created a recreational culture that combined world-class shows and exclusive resorts with opportunities for an evening with “Lady Luck.” Throughout the last decade
of the 20th century, the Las Vegas Valley became a hotbed of residential development and economic activity.

The valley offered an impressive list of advantages to new businesses and relocating companies. With billions of dollars of revenue pouring into the economy from gaming and tourism, the state legislature could afford to offer a favorable tax climate. Individuals do not have to pay state income tax, and the corporate world is exempt from many taxes that other states impose. When you consider the desirability of the Las Vegas Valley as a place to live, play, work, and carry on business; it is no surprise that this area is a popular place to call home.

The communities that border the City of Las Vegas like Henderson and Boulder City have shared in the real estate and economic boom, building contemporary industrial parks and prime office space to welcome new businesses. The Green Valley area of Henderson, for example, offers thousands of prime acres of exceptional commercial, residential, and industrial property in a modern, suburban atmosphere. Each city takes pride in its municipal programs, from recreational facilities and lush parks to sports leagues and summer programs.

Without a doubt, Las Vegas Valley is a shining jewel in the Nevada desert. This oasis of beauty and sophistication will be attracting newcomers for decades to come with its superior quality of life.


Economy & Services
The economic prowess of Las Vegas lies in its people and rich resources. A youthful, highly skilled and well-educated labor force contributes to a productive and competitive business climate. The region’s centralized location in the Southwest provides easy access to the West Coast, Mexico, and other regional growth markets. An efficient transportation network provides excellent rail, highway and air connections to major cities around the nation. Ample resources enhance an environment that encourages the growth and prosperity of industry.

The economic strength of the state can be determined from the unique relationship between employment, the labor force, and population. The population and employment have increased at a substantial rate over the past 12 years, encouraging vigorous economic activity in spite of the national cycles of upswings and downturns.
Investment in educational institutions has yielded Las Vegas high returns. The metro area is a leading center for training engineers who can supply the fast-growing demand for talent and expertise in high-tech fields. Area youngsters receive a quality education in public and private schools, with a number of excellent choices for higher education close to home. The University of Nevada-Las Vegas not only serves as an outstanding educational resource for the region, it enriches the community with stellar attractions in dazzling venues.

State-of-the-art healthcare is available throughout the Las Vegas Valley in major hospitals and medical centers as well as primary care centers, emergency centers, long-term care facilities, and home health organizations. Boulder City Hospital in Boulder City, Lake Mead Hospital in North Las Vegas, and two modern campuses for St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson ensure that sophisticated medical and surgical specialties are available close to home. Residents of Las Vegas can look to quality institutions to meet every need, including Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, Mountainview Hospital, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Sunrise Children’s Hospital and Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, and the Valley Hospital Medical Center.

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