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165 County Route 519 South
Belvidere 908-475-6500

Situated in rural northwestern New Jersey, Warren County offers miles of picturesque scenery in the heart of the Skylands Region. The 23 municipalities in this area are rich in natural beauty, boasting thousands of acres of prime land for development. They also represent a pleasing mix of environments, from rustic townships to thriving suburban-urban cities and towns. A blend of attractive residential communities and rich farmland creates endless opportunities for exploration, from antique shops and craft shores to wineries and pick-your-own markets.

Agriculture and manufacturing were founding industries of Warren County, particularly after railroads, mills, factories, and the famous Morris Canal entered the scene. In later decades, a progressive economic climate has continued to attract industrial, corporate, and commercial development aided by the cooperation of public and private sectors. Farming remains a significant segment of the economy, ensuring the county’s ranking as first in the state for milk, eggs, cattle, and corn production. An excellence transportation network provides convenient highway connections like Interstates 78 and 80 to New York City and Philadelphia. The nearby Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania further expands commercial and industrial opportunities.

Strongly supporting excellence in education, Warren County schools offer a traditional curriculum enhanced by advanced studies, honors programs, a full complement of extracurricular activities, and special education for challenged students. In most cases, private and parochial schools are available within a reasonable commuting distance. Warren County Area Vocational & Technical School expands the facilities of district high schools and prepares students of all ages for diverse and upcoming fields from carpentry to computer technology. Residents who want to pursue a higher education close to home can choose from Centenary College or Warren County Community College, although an impressive selection of respected public and private institutions are available within a reasonable commute.

State-of-the-art healthcare services are anchored by Warren Hospital, Hackettstown Community Hospital, and Clara Maas Medical Center. In addition, this area is home to a strong network of skilled professionals and supportive facilities that cater to every need. Hackettstown Community Hospital in Hackettstown offers a 106-bed, acute-care institution with a wide range of medical and surgical specialties. Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg is a 214-bed, acute-care hospital with divisions in medicine surgery, family practice, obstetrics, and many other specializations. The 465-bed Clara Maass Medical Center serves as a regional healthcare center in Belvidere and is nationally recognized for many of its medical services including the oncology center.

Proud of its attractive environment for residential growth, Warren County offers scenic vistas rimmed by panoramic mountains. At the present, only a small portion of the county is covered by urban development. Many preserved sites tell the tale of Warren County’s involvement in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The county itself was named after Dr. Joseph Warren, a Revolutionary War hero who died leading a charge at Bunker Hill. Virtually every kind of residential setting is available in Warren County, from urban areas where neighbors chat over the back fence to completely rural environments teeming with deer, raccoons, owls, and rabbits. The dream of a custom home on an expansive lot is still possible in this area, where lots can easily range from one to ten acres in many sections. Major developers are adding to the options in every corner of the county, and beautiful homes along tree-lined streets are waiting in friendly communities.
Cultural appreciation runs high in Warren County, where the annual calendar is brimming over with such events as free concerts, chorus performances, or living history demonstrations. Organizations like the Riverview Art Center in Phillipsburg and the Centenary Performing Arts Guild in Hackettstown are dedicated to fostering and encouraging visual and performing arts. Colorful festivals draw enthusiasts to such delights as Victorian Days in Belvidere or the celebration of the early 19th century in crafts and costumes at Millbrook Days. Not far from home in Northern and Central New Jersey, some of the state’s most celebrated performing groups enjoy elegant venues.

Warren County excels in recreational opportunities. In fact the entire Skylands Region is laced with ribbons of country roads for biking, hiking, or driving. Arts and craft shows, country shops, antique dealers, and farm markets offer ideal stops along the trail. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the finest in recreational settings, and anglers will never be at a loss for new rivers or streams. Pristine campgrounds, lush community parks, swimming pools, country inns, riding stables, and fine restaurants are just a few of the premier Warren County attractions. With its outstanding transportation amenities, attractive housing, excellent schools, growing economy, and vast natural resources, Warren County boasts an unbeatable formula for quality of life.

Allamuchy, Independence, Liberty
Municipal Offices
Allamuchy 908-852-5132
Independence 908-637-4133
Liberty 908-637-4579

The rural communities of Allamuchy, Independence, and Liberty are ideal for those who prefer open space, rolling hills, rich woodlands, and a country lifestyle. Scattered retail shops provide daily conveniences, with larger malls nearby. In addition to picturesque farms and attractive residential development, this area features the Panther Valley Country Club, breathtaking Saxton Falls, a portion of beautiful Jenny Jump Forest, and Allamuchy Mountain State Park. Large lots are the rule for home sites in all three of these desirable communities. Interstate 80 combines with bus service to New York and Pennsylvania for convenient transportation links. Playgrounds, parks, athletic fields, tennis courts, sports leagues, supervised programs, 4-H Club, and community programs provide quality options for leisure hours.

Alpha, Pohatcong
Municipal Offices
Alpha 908-454-0088
Pohatcong 908-454-6121

Named after the Alpha Cement Company, Alpha Borough combines a well-developed industrial center with a comfortable residential haven. The housing in this area blends charming older homes in a variety of architectural styles with some multi-family developments. Phillipsburg provides expanded shopping opportunities, although the borough offers local retail activity. Pohatcong Township harmonizes quaint farms, contemporary suburban residential development, and retail activity. Easy access to Interstate 78 and the picturesque environment positions the township for future growth and development. Recreational amenities include local parks, a swimming pool, athletic fields, tennis courts, youth organizations, sports leagues, and close proximity to Spruce Run Park.

Belvidere, White Township
Municipal Offices
Belvidere 908-475-5331
White 908-475-2093

Belvidere is a charming, historic town founded in 1845 that nestles against the banks of the Delaware and Pequest rivers. Serving as the seat of county government, the community also features a cluster of antique shops, eateries, a county museum, a popular theatre, and retail establishments. Belvidere was named for its panoramic vistas by Robert Morris, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Gracious Belvidere is still known for the elegant Victorian architecture of homes that line the perimeter of Garret D. Wall Park, and the town draws visitors to its annual celebration of “Victorian Days.” Surrounding White Township combines a rural heritage with growth and development for an attractive setting. Jenny Jump Forest and lush parks crown a medley of recreational facilities. Mini-malls and excellent restaurants line Route 46, while local farm markets offer the finest in fresh produce. Bus service to New York City is available from the township.

Blairstown, Hardwick, Hope
Municipal Offices
Blairstown 908-362-6663
Hardwick 908-362-6528
Hope 908-459-5011

Blending picturesque farmland with recreational opportunities, Blairstown offers charming homes that showcase diverse architectural styles. Commuters are drawn to this area for the convenient lifestyle created by the cluster of businesses and shopping centers that thrive along Main Street and Route 94. Hardwick Township provides generous lots for residential development, harmonizing lovely homes and neighborhoods with agricultural activity. One of the earliest planned communities, Hardwick Township offers a comfortable, small-town atmosphere and easy access to expanded amenities. Renovations, revitalization, and close proximity to Interstate 80 make this area ideal for tourism. Bus service to New York City from Blairstown is available for commuters. Recreational amenities include lush parks, athletic fields, league sports, tennis courts, state parks with camping areas and hiking trails, and private sports centers.

Franklin, Greenwich
Municipal Offices
Franklin 908-689-3994
Greenwich 908-859-0909

The rural, picturesque expanse of Franklin Township encompasses part of the Pohatcong and Scotts mountain ranges. This area is also graced by the rolling Musconetcong and Pohatcong rivers for exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities that complement the developed facilities within the communities. Villages within this agricultural area include Asbury, Broadway, and New Village. Larger lots and the preservation of farmland and open space create a scenic setting, and the Warren County Vocational & Technical School is located within the township. Greenwich is another farming community of lush rolling hills that has welcomed an influx of residential development. With a minimum lot size of one acre and easy access to Interstate 78 and Route 57, the township is ideally situated for future growth and quality development. Nearby Phillipsburg provides expanded shopping opportunities.

Municipal Offices
Hackettstown 908-852-3130

Nestled in a panoramic valley along the banks of the Musconetcong River and founded in 1853, historic Hackettstown is home to Centenary College, several major employers, and Hackettstown Community Hospital. Offering a semi-rural lifestyle that attracts commuters, Hackettstown features a pleasing blend of single-family homes that line tree-shaded streets. The area reflects an impressive harmony of town and country settings that are ideally located near Interstate 80, and the community plays a major role in the Route 57 and Route 46 economic growth corridors. Adjacent communities have been able to achieve rapid growth with Hackettstown serving as a convenient commercial hub. Recreational amenities in this area include beautiful state parks, a community swimming pool, a community center, league sports for all ages, playgrounds, athletic fields, and tennis courts.

Mansfield, Oxford
Municipal Offices
Mansfield 908-689-6151
Oxford 908-453-3098

The sprawling township of Mansfield encompasses geographically diverse terrain that includes rugged woodlands, picturesque farms and pastures, and new-home development. Mansfield is also home to the historic Morris Canal. This area provides an attractive selection of attractive colonial and Victorian estates and manors showcase classic styling and meticulous landscaping. Local industry stimulates the economy, which is further served by the bustling Route 57 corridor and suburban expansion. The small but friendly community of Oxford offers a close-knit spirit in close proximity to convenient amenities and services. Mall shopping is available in Hackettstown and Phillipsburg. Recreational amenities include parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and league sports for all ages. Oxford offers lakefront recreation that includes swimming, boating, picnic areas, and a golf course.

Phillipsburg, Harmony, Lopatcong
Municipal Offices
Phillipsburg 908-454-5500
Harmony 908-213-1600
Lopatcong 908-859-3355

Nestled along the rolling Delaware River in a beautiful setting of gentle hills and woodlands, Phillipsburg invites newcomers to escape the crowds of densely populated urban areas and enjoy a close-knit community atmosphere. City conveniences combine with rural pleasure in Phillipsburg, where visitors and residents alike are drawn to the quaint downtown waterfront shopping district. Just 30 minutes from the Pocono Mountains and midway between New York City and Philadelphia, historic Phillipsburg has attracted a growing abase of small and mid-sized businesses. The city offers a wide range of Victorian and other 19th or early 20th-century architectural styles that are complemented by an expanded library and nationally recognized colleges. The sparsely populated townships of Harmony and Lopatcong offer opportunities for rural living near Phillipsburg amenities. Harmony is home to the county fairgrounds and Merrill Creek Reservoir, while Lopatcong enjoys a location near Routes 22 and 57.

Municipal Offices
Washington Township 908-689-7200
Washington Borough 908-689-3600

Washington Borough is rich in tradition and history, a warm community where residents enjoy a focus on family and friends. This small but bustling area provides an economic focal point for sprawling Washington Township in the rolling hills of the Musconetcong Valley. The borough provides commercial conveniences in the Main Street shopping district and opportunities for local employment in a number of businesses and companies. While the borough is limited in growth, suburban development continues within the township, Newcomers will discover a pleasing housing select that ranges from well-kept older properties in the heart of the borough to vibrant new construction and generous acreage. Route 57 and 31 combine with commuter bus to New York City from Washington Borough for transportation efficiencies. Recreational amenities are well developed to include a youth recreation center, sports fields, tennis courts, a golf course, and supervised programs.

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