County Offices
150 North Queen Street
Lancaster 717-299-8000

Chamber of Commerce
100 South Queen Street
Lancaster 717-397-3531


Major Highways
Interstate 76; U.S. Routes 30, 222, 322; State Route 283

With the City of Lancaster serving as its vital hub, Lancaster County offers a pleasing blend of tree-shaded urban neighborhoods, charming small towns, and rural settings. Many are drawn to this beautiful region for the opportunity to own generous acreage in close proximity to the rolling countryside. Even the small communities throughout the county provide quick and easy access to the cultural and entertainment attractions of the City of Lancaster. Boasting an unusually diverse mix of architectural styles, the city blends traditional and historic homes with modern construction. Many of the solidly built stone or brick structures that were once bustling with industrial activity have been transformed into some of the city’s most unique condominiums, apartments, and homes. Lancaster County is also a favored destination for retirees who appreciate the rural beauty and prime recreational amenities.

Lancaster County is also known for the many internationally recognized brands that call the area home, particularly for Hershey’s Chocolate. America’s favorite chocolate candy began in Lancaster in 1894 when Milton Hershey started a chocolate-making subsidiary of the Lancaster Caramel Company. F.W. Woolworth established the nation’s first “five and dime” store in Lancaster in 1879, and the Hamilton Watch Company manufactured some of the world’s most accurate and innovative timepieces in Lancaster for much of the 20th century. This region is equally famous as a center of “Pennsylvania Dutch” culture, known as the “Garden Spot of America” for its fertile farmland. Phenomenal growth represents the latest challenge for the area, with suburban development springing up throughout the county.


The commitment to quality education is evident throughout Lancaster County, where the public school districts are characterized by excellent student-teacher ratios, comprehensive vocational and technical training, and a wide variety of special and extracurricular programs. Students of all ages have the advantage of private and state-affiliated colleges and universities that are close to home. Three career and technology centers also provide a wide variety of skills training, and Albright College offers many accelerated degree completion programs for working adults. Elizabethtown College is a private, liberal arts college that sprawls over a 200-acre campus. Other options include a Lancaster County extension campus for Eastern Mennonite University, Franklin & Marshall College, the state-affiliated Millersville University, Lebanon Valley College, and a branch of the Harrisburg Area Community College. Specialized institutions like Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Lancaster Bible College, and Lancaster Theological Seminary add to the rich educational resources.

State-of-the-art healthcare is another point of pride for Lancaster County, where respected hospitals anchor dozens of supporting clinics and skilled specialists in private practice. Lancaster General Hospital stands as the county’s oldest continuously operating, community-owned healthcare institution, ranked among the best hospitals in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report. With a staff that exceeds 5,000, the hospital is also a leading county employer. Lancaster Regional Medical Center is another quality institution that offers a wide array of medical and surgical specialties. Formerly located in Lancaster Township, Community Hospital of Lancaster now calls Warwick Township home with the opening of a new campus on a 44-acre site that includes trails for walking, jogging, and biking. Ephrata Community Hospital is convenient to residents of the northern portion of the county, providing preventative services, primary care, diagnostic services, acute care, and rehabilitation services for more than 60 years.


From the picturesque horses and buggies of Amish country to the exciting City of Lancaster, this popular region supports every imaginable lifestyle. The arts are exceptionally well represented in musicals, theatre, dance, family shows, multicultural productions, and national touring companies. The national historic landmark of Fulton Opera House has hosted performances by actors including John Wilkes Booth in more than 150 years of audience-pleasing productions. Ephrata Playhouse in the Park has already marked its 50th anniversary, and Sight and Sound Theatre specializes in family programming. The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Academy of Music, and the Lancaster Opera Company enrich the cultural scene with a season of fine performances. Throughout the calendar year, colorful celebrations and festivals bring neighbors, friends, and visitors together for food, music, dance, games, and crafts. Claiming more than three centuries of heritage, the county is filled with wonderful museums, fine art galleries, historic sites, magnificent architecture, and important landmarks.

Recreational opportunities are outstanding both indoors and outside, where activities are set against the backdrop of deep woods, rushing streams, and teeming wildlife. County parks along total more than 2,000 acres of pristine beauty for activities like hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, and nature study. Scuba divers can plunge into a 27-acre spring-fed lake, the younger set can enjoy amusement centers like Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Park, and sports fans can cheer on professional and collegiate teams. The city and its suburbs offer swimming pools, municipal parks, community centers, health spas, sports complexes, racquet clubs, golf courses, tennis courts, sports courts and fields, and recreation programs for every age group.

Retail opportunities are varied and abundant, with countless quaint countryside stores, large antique malls, and sprawling designer outlets. USA Today ranked Lancaster County among the nation’s top destinations for antiques, a reputation that centers largely on Adamstown—widely known as “Antiques Alley.” The eclectic boutiques nestled in city retail districts contrast with roadside stands and large barns that display handmade goods by the Plain Sect and Amish artisans. Throughout the region, new residents will be delighted with Lancaster County’s undeniable charm, friendliness, and homespun warmth.


City of Lancaster, Lancaster Township
Municipal Offices
Lancaster City
Lancaster Township

Chamber of Commerce

The oldest inland city in the nation sprang up beside the mighty Susquehanna River, originally settled in 1718. Revered for its fine architectural heritage, the city was recognized for its strong community commitment with the “All-America City” award. In addition to the downtown district with its delightful collection of shops, several areas of the city have emerged as unique retail centers. The 300 block of North Queen Street is lined with boutiques that display high fashion and the finest of artwork. Regional hospitals, institutions of higher education, wonderful neighborhoods, fine museums, cultural attractions, lush parks, and recreational amenities can all be found in the seat of Lancaster County government. The surrounding Lancaster County expands the opportunity for new-home construction and generous acreage.


Columbia, West Hempfield
Municipal Offices
Colombia Borough
West Hempfield Township

Chamber of Commerce

The quaint Borough of Mountville and the surrounding expanse of West Hampfield Township offer a serene hometown atmosphere in close proximity to Amish country, outlet shopping, antique centers, and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities that include winter sports. Historic Columbia grew up along the rolling Susquehanna River in an area that offers fishing, canoeing, hiking, and biking. The borough is home to wonderful museums that include the Columbia Museum of History and the First National Bank Museum, preserving fascinating details like teller’s cages and unique early currency. The Watch & Clock Museum and Wright’s Ferry Mansion circa 1738 also protect treasures from yesterday. Home choices in this area range from vintage properties clustered around the borough to country manors and new construction in the township. West Hempfield planners are challenged with balancing the area’s agricultural resources with suburban development.


East Petersburg, Manheim, East Hempfield
Municipal Offices
East Petersburg Borough
Manheim Township
East Hempfield Township

Chamber of Commerce

The small community of East Petersburg Borough lies in close proximity to the sprawling townships of Manheim and East Hempfield. Home to a collection of large and small businesses, Manheim Township has proven to be a desirable setting for economic and residential development. Entertainment and recreational opportunities include lush parks with picnic areas, playgrounds, multi-purpose trails, landscaped open areas, and canoe or kayak launches. Bicyclists enjoy a 12-mile path. Among the area attractions are the Boettcher House Museum at Landis Woods, a complex with swimming pools, an activities center, a roller skating rink, and a golf course. East Hempfield claims the 56-acre Amos Herr Park with play areas and a wide variety of sports fields. Another point of pride for East Hempfield residents is the municipal golf course on a prime 220-acre recreational site south of Landisville.


Municipal Offices
Elizabethtown Borough

Chamber of Commerce

The charming college town of Elizabethtown provides a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere just 10 miles south of Hershey and 20 miles from the leading cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York. Borough residents enjoy first-rate recreational amenities and facilities anchored by the community park with sports courts, play areas, an amphitheater, and picnic areas. Sports leagues, a senior center, and the GEARS Kid’s Center are among the well-developed resources. While the private institution of Elizabethtown College enriches the area culturally and intellectually, nearby urban centers offer first-rate performing and visual arts close to home. Rural townships that are convenient to Elizabethtown include Mount Joy, East Donegal, West Donegal, and Rapho. Housing options range from vintage properties shaded by ancient trees to newer construction.


East Lampeter, West Lampeter
Municipal Offices
East Lampeter Township
West Lampeter Township

Chamber of Commerce

Both East Lampeter and West Lampeter townships offer a pleasing blend of agricultural and suburban country development. In spite of considerable residential growth in recent decades, this area preserves large expanses of rich farmland. West Lampeter’s boundaries are Lancaster Township and the City of Lancaster to the northwest, East Lampeter on the east, Strasburg on the southeast, and Providence and Pequea Townships on the south. One of the historic landmarks in this area is the “Deering Ford” located at Bridgeport, a site marked by a modern bridge over Conestoga River. Deering Ford was used by Congress in 1777 while the U.S. capital was being moved from Philadelphia to York, Pennsylvania. Residents of the townships enjoy easy access to the City of Lancaster and its considerable amenities.

Ephrata, Akron
Municipal Offices
Akron Borough
Ephrata Borough
Ephrata Township

Chamber of Commerce

As a choice location in Lancaster County, the neighboring boroughs of Ephrata and Akron provide a hometown setting with excellent municipal services. Ephrata Township surrounds the boroughs, adding available land for new-home construction. The rural townships of Brecknock, East Cocalico, West Cocalico, Clay, and West Earl in addition to the small boroughs of Denver and the antique center of Adamstown are also located in this area. Ephrata began as the famous religious community, the Cloisters, founded in the early 1700s. The village later transformed into a regional center of commerce with popular resort hotels in the 1800s. Several important structures have been preserved as historic sites and add charm to the modern community. Amenities include a recreation center, a playhouse, a community swimming pool, and entertainment centers. Ephrata Community Hospital provides first-rate healthcare services.


Lititz, Warwick
Municipal Offices
Lititz Borough
Warwick Township

Chamber of Commerce

Boasting a history that excels in quality education, Lititz Borough is the proud home of Linden Hall—a boarding school for girls founded before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. By the time the leading colleges for women like Smith, Wellesley, and Vassar were founded, Linden Hall had been pioneering the field for more than a century. Today, the borough is known as a religious, industrial, banking, and recreational center. An impressive number of churches join thriving factories and regional financial service centers in this area. In fact, nearly every Pennsylvania chartered bank has a branch in or around Lititz Borough. Rural Warwick Township expands the residential options near Lititz and provides a wide range of recreational services and facilities from sports fields to miles of popular trails.


Manheim, Penn
Municipal Offices
Manheim Borough
Penn Township

Chamber of Commerce

The small community of Manheim Borough is nestled in the northern portion of the broad limestone valley extending across central Lancaster County. Penn and Rapho townships are also encompassed within this region, adding prime land for residential and commercial development. The borough’s name was chosen to honor the founder’s native German hometown of Manheim. Baron Stiegel founded a glassworks operation that attracted early Swiss and German immigrants to the borough. The original community of cabinetmakers and clockmakers continued to grow with the advent of the railroad, adding businesses and industries. Modern Manheim is taking a progressive attitude by revitalizing its downtown district and yesterday’s industrial sites to attract quality development. The rapidly growing Penn Township maintains strong geographic and economic links to the City of Lancaster.


Marietta, East Donegal
Municipal Offices
Marietta Borough
East Donegal Township

Chamber of Commerce

Ideally located within an easy drive from the cultural, entertainment, and educational resources in the City of Lancaster, Marietta Borough and East Donegal Township lie along the rolling Susquehanna River. The borough also offers quick access to several other communities including Mount Joy, Columbia, and Mountville. Rural East Donegal Township devotes more than 80 percent of its 24 square miles to agricultural activity. The opportunities for outdoor recreation range from area parks and sports facilities to hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, and horseback riding. Nearby Lancaster offers museums, galleries, shopping, services, and performing arts as well as abundant opportunities for higher education and state-of-the-art healthcare.


Millersville, Manor
Municipal Offices
Millersville Borough
Manor Township

Chamber of Commerce

Advantageously located near the City of Lancaster, Millersville Borough is home to the state-support institution of higher education, Millersville University. The sprawling 245-acre campus occupies approximately one-fourth of the borough’s total land area. More than 60 campus buildings include a performing arts hall. Local residents benefit from the lecturers, artists, and entertainers sponsored by the cultural events series. MU has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top five public universities in the North and widely recognized for academic excellence. The borough offers a 21-acre community park and recreational facilities that include playing fields and courts, playgrounds, picnic facilities, and a walking path. Many civic and social organizations and clubs enhance the quality of life. Primarily agricultural in nature, Manor Township claims some of the nation’s most fertile soil and has concentrated most of its development in the northeastern section of the township.


Mount Joy, Rapho
Municipal Offices
Mount Joy Borough
Mount Joy Township
Rapho Township

Chamber of Commerce

Once a part of Rapho Township, Mount Joy Borough is still partially surrounded by the rural township. To celebrate Mount Joy’s 150th anniversary, the local Rotary Club contributed a landmark six-foot clock. The sculpture, Ship Mountjoy, stands as another symbol of community pride funded by proceeds from the sesquicentennial. Mount Joy offers a delightful and charming small-town atmosphere complete with its own thriving business district. Recreational facilities include sports courts, a baseball diamond, fitness trails, and picnic pavilions. Surrounding the local park is scenic Chiques Creek. The active chamber of commerce sponsors scholarships for local youth and many annual events including Music in the Park during the summer months. Rural Rapho Township is primarily agricultural and bordered on nearly all sides by creeks and streams.


New Holland, Earl
Municipal Services
New Holland Borough
Earl Township

Chamber of Commerce

Serene Earl Township surrounds the small Borough of New Holland in a section of Lancaster County that has been traditionally known as “Amish country.” Other rural townships in this area include Earl, East Earl, West Earl, Leacock, and Upper Leacock. Although West Earl is the closest township to the City of Lancaster, all of these communities enjoy easy access to first-rate urban amenities. Much of this area preserves the patchwork fields and simple lifestyle of yesterday. Nevertheless, the explosive growth trend in Lancaster County is posing a challenge as patchwork fields give way to vibrant new commercial and residential developments. Amish home cooking in area restaurants, handcrafted furniture and home items, and farm-fresh vegetables sold at local stands add to the appeal of this pristine countryside.


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