Hawaii’s Department of Transportation maintains more than 2,450 miles of highway system that winds through some of the most breathtaking tropical vistas in the world. Nearly 735 bridges span emerald green valleys and pristine streams and rivers on the eight major islands. For more information or answers to specific questions, contact.

Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT)
Headquarters Office
Honolulu, Oahu 808-587-2220
Oahu District 808-831-6703
Kauai District 808-241-3000
Maui District 808-873-3538
Hawaii District 808-933-8866

HDOT Public Information
News/Updates 808-587-2160


Online Resources

Big Island Major Highways

Kauai Major Highways

Lanai Major Highways

Maui Major Highways

Molokai Major Highways

Oahu Major Highways


Driving Tips
Newcomers to the islands who stop for directions may hear some unfamiliar terms. “Makai” means toward the ocean and “mauka” means toward the mountains. On the island of Oahu, toward “Diamond Head” is literal and “ewa (pronounced “eva”) means moving away from Diamond Head. Most Hawaiian drivers only use their horn in a real emergency, which is not the rule on the mainland—particularly not in large metro areas. Patience usually reaps the reward of someone allowing you to cut in front of them in a long line of cars. Wave your thanks or shout “Shaka!”


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