Drivers License
Newcomers must apply for a Massachusetts drivers license upon establishing residency. Those who hold a valid drivers license from another state or a Canadian province are not usually required to take the driving test. However, a written examination and a visual test are both required and all fees must be paid regardless of whether a specific test is taken. All applicants are required to present three forms of positive identification that individually or collectively confirm date of birth, Massachusetts residency, and your signature. You must have a valid Social Security number to apply for any permit, license, or ID including replacements and renewals. All documents must be originals.

Massachusetts has a graduated license law where young drivers begin with restrictions that are gradually removed as the driver advances from a learner’s permit through the junior operator license into full license privileges. Your Massachusetts license is valid for a maximum of five years and expires on your birthday. This credit-card style license features a photo image and serves as a valid form of identification throughout the Commonwealth for identity, residency, age, and signature. Licenses may be renewed up to one year prior to the expiration date either online or by visiting any RMV full service or license express office. Complete details on graduated licenses, testing regulations, fees, and test centers are available by contacting:

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

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New Resident Information

Vehicle Registration
New residents of Massachusetts must immediate register all vehicles. No grace period applies. To convert your out-of-state vehicle registration, first visit a licensed Massachusetts insurance agent to obtain an active insurance policy and have the agent complete, stamp, and sign an application for registration and title (form RMV-1). If you have a lien on the vehicle, you will be required to surrender your out-of-state registration rather than your out-of-state title. All lienholder information and the out-of-state title number must be completed on the RMV-1. Along with the completed RMV-1, bring your out-of-state title and/or current out-of-state registration to the nearest full-service RMV branch office.
Even if your vehicle has been registered in another state, some sales tax may be due. Vehicle sales tax is collected at a rate of 5 percent of the purchase price or the NADA trade-in value, whichever is higher. After completing the transaction, you will receive a registration certificate, new plates, and a year of expiration decal for the rear plate. The title will be processed and mailed later to you or to the lienholder. You must obtain a vehicle inspection sticker within seven days of the registration date.

Vehicle Inspection & Testing
In accordance with safety and emissions regulations, all registered automobiles must be inspected. This inspection maintenance program requires an annual safety inspection and an emissions test every other year. Emissions and safety inspections are available at 1,600 inspection stations across the Commonwealth. Check your local inspection station for the hours of operation and method of payment accepted for the $29 fee. A complete listing of inspection stations and a wealth of information including exempt vehicles and repair options for failed vehicles is available online:

Enhanced Emissions & Safety Test

Compulsory Insurance
Massachusetts requires that every vehicle on the road be covered with minimum levels of motor vehicle insurance. Bodily inju